Polished Concrete: Doing It Right & Doing It Wrong

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Case Studies: Doing Concrete Polishing Right

Done correctly and professionally, a polished concrete floor involves several important steps to achieve the durability, beauty and long-term savings you deserve. These steps include:

1. Removing the stains, pitted surfaces and old coatings of a typical concrete floor with coarse diamonds bonded in metal.
2. Performing a “rough grind” in a 3- or 4-step process.
3. Continuing the grinding and honing with metal bond diamonds.
4. Applying a densifying concrete seal to eliminate dust, and to harden the floor for the next polishing steps.
5. Diamond-grinding the floor using finer and finer grits (not unlike sanding wood), until the final shine level is achieved.

Case Studies: Doing Polished Concrete Wrong…

Because concrete polishing is a developing industry in Canada, the field is growing fast. New equipment and techniques are being rapidly introduced – but with these advancements come some “shortcuts” that promise false savings. Yes, there are value-priced diamonds and densifiers on the market that may seem like bargains…until you discover that your once-beautiful floor is deteriorating.

And, there are contractors entering the field with few qualifications or professional credentials. These two examples illustrate the wrong and right approaches, and their outcomes.
Doing Polished Concrete Wrong

Polishing Process & Materials: The floor was polished with lightweight, high-speed equipment. Necessary preliminary steps were skipped. The densifier, machinery and diamonds used were low-end and budget-priced.

Immediate Result: At first, the floor looked great, with excellent shine and reflectivity.

After Just 6 Months: The shine had virtually disappeared, worn away by everyday foot traffic.

Doing Polished Concrete Right

Polishing Process & Materials: The floor was properly ground with high-quality diamonds. No recommended steps were omitted. The densifier, heavyweight machinery and diamonds were all premium grade.

Immediate Result: A glossy, beautiful floor with excellent shine and reflectivity.

After 28 Months: Still glossy, uniform and beautiful—looks virtually as good as when the job was finished.

Get Your Job Done Right

Your flooring job is too important to trust to inferior methods, materials and workmanship. At first it might seem that you can save money with a “bargain-priced” contractor, but don’t be deceived. Trust your polished concrete project to Contemporary Concrete Solutions. Get the job done right the first time, and enjoy your floor’s Polished look for years to come.

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