Benefits of Polished Concrete

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Which Benefits of Polished Concrete Serve You Best?

There are so many reasons to choose Contemporary Concrete Solutions for your floor. Here’s a summary of the benefits you’ll get when you work with us:


Nothing to peel or flake – no waxes or coatings, acrylics or epoxies – the strength and beauty of your Contemporary Concrete floor goes through and through. So your floor will go on and on looking good, resisting wear, and saving you money…now and through the years. Nothing you can put on your concrete floor is harder than the concrete itself.


It actually costs less than other flooring choices to give your facility or home the lasting beauty of polished concrete: an amazing 19 cents per square foot when you add in initial cost, maintenance and other factors. For a dramatic savings chart that details all the savings factors.

Costs & Savings of Polished Concrete

Savings Now, Savings Over Time

It isn’t just the initial savings of polished concrete that makes it such a smart choice – it’s the savings over time that adds up to your best buy. Just look at these comparative cost figures for popular commercial flooring materials vs. polished concrete floors (they’re based on a survey from the National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association). It’s easy to see that over 20 years, there are hidden costs associated with other materials, and dramatic savings that are yours with polished concrete.

Costs Per Square Foot

Flooring Type Installed Cost Annual
Average Life
in Years
Total Expense,
20 years 
Cost Per
Sq. Ft/Year 
Vinyl Sheet Flooring  $2.72 $1.39 9 $3.43 $38.14 $1.91
Epoxy Flooring $5.00 $1.47 15 $1.60 $32.76 $1.64
Ceramic Mosaic Tile $6.48 $1.22 20 $30.88 $1.54
Quarry Tile $5.78 $0.58 20 $30.18 $1.01
Cement Terrazzo $8.50 $0.46 20 $20.10 $1.01
Granite-Glaze $6.50 $0.46 20 $15.70 $0.79
Polished Concrete $2.50* $0.17 20 $3.98 $0.19
* Comparative costs based on 10,000 square feet. Your costs may vary based on square footage, preparation needs, coloring, etc


Planet Friendly

Our dry, dust-controlled equipment filters out 99.9% of all airborne dust. And Contemporary Concrete Polishing is LEED-friendly too: our processes use the existing concrete and products that contain no VOC’s-no slurry or topical coatings.

Low Maintenance

Because polished concrete surfaces are tightly compacted they eliminate dusting, reduce staining, and need no waxing or stripping. (Forget the aggressive scrubbing required by surfaces like tile and linoleum to maintain a clean environment and attractive appearance).


Choose a low-reflective, matte finish…a brilliant high gloss…or something in between. Pick your color, your preferred aggregate levels, even decorative options like engraving, stenciled art and business logos.

Our Guarantee

At Contemporary Concrete Solutions , we guarantee your floor for life against peeling or flaking. Period.

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