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Contemporary Concrete Solutions is a Southern Ontario based company specializing in polished concrete flooring systems. Our love for concrete has lead us to achieve the unimaginable with high end precision grinding machines. Here at Contemporary Concrete Solutions we are dedicated to provide our customers with the latest in architectural design while being cost effective, low maintenance and environmentally friendly. We specialize in residential and commercial concrete restoration and all of our equipment operators at Contemporary Concrete Solutions are certified to run the machines they are operating. We were fortunate this year to make it to the World of Concrete in Las Vegas Nevada where the latest in technology in this industry is unveiled. We had the opportunity to talk to all the major manufactures and see what is becoming available on the market to continue being on the cutting and polished edge in the Ontario region. Our philosophy is “find a job you love and you will never work colouranother day in your life”. We are clearly passionate about what we do and our work clearly demonstrates it. We are able to offer our customers the highest quality Lithium densifiers on the market and stay competitive with the competition. This process is not simply switching abrasives on the bottom of the machines and pushing it around the room. We continue to educate our customers in what it is that they are pay for so they can be confident when looking at other quotes and signing our contracts. So, instead of covering up that hidden treasure, give us a call. The Contemporary solution that meets your needs. Polished concrete is not just another solution … it’s THE solution!

List points to be certified

Certified: 26-32 points
Silver: 33-38 points
Gold: 39-51 points
Platinum 52-69 points

Contemporary Concrete Solutions wants to help professionals nationwide improve the quality of their building projects by providing new solutions, knowledge, and the creation of ideas that maximize the efforts of CAGBC. To learn more about LEED and how polished concrete ties into your projects creative vision, give us a call! 1-905-962-7910.

For further Leed Information in Canada please visit - http://www.cagbc.org/

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What Is Polished Concrete?

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